Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cataract Surgery Coming Up
My left eye is scheduled for surgery at the Minneapolis VA on the 29th of Feb. The rest of me will have to follow along.

I didn't realize anything was wrong until I had an exam in Dec. 2011. The pressure inside the eye was building up, and the doctor used a laser to cut a slit in the iris. When I went back for a check two weeks later, they had already healed. Good news that I heal so fast, bad news because that meant the pressure would build up. That's when the head of the department unequivocally said I needed cataract surgery.

I don't know whether this had anything to do with the Bell's Palsy I had in 2005. It's on the same side of my face, and gradually I've begun to have trouble reading. I have to hold books or stories within a few inches. At night, all lights begin to look double. It's hard to gauge distances.

Friends tell me the cataract surgery will work wonders, that I'll be able to see sharper than I have in years. I'll tell you whether that's true.

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