Tuesday, October 11, 2005

From the Sonora Library

Oh, my. From saving a lady's life on the train across Montana to playing golf in Carson City to visiting Jamestown and my mother, it has been an eventful trip so far.

The elderly lady on the train was sitting next to me when she began choking on a piece of prime rib (why is it always prime rib that chokes people?). I asked her if she wanted me to slap her on the back, and when she nodded I banged her on the back with the flat of my palm. Once...then again. She leaned forward and a piece of meat dropped out of her mouth, onto her plate, and she gasped for breath. Me, I finished my salmon.

After trains from St. Paul to Pasco, WA; a bus from Pasco to Portland; back on the train to Sacto; and another to Reno. Then a city bus to Carson City (only $3.25) and a taxi to the Pinon Plaza resort and a meeting with Bob Koczor to work on his fun tournament--I was ready to relax.

He had more than 100 golfers show up for two days of golf in Carson City, hundreds of dollars worth of prizes and gifts, free drinks, and two wonderful dinners and breakfasts. I was dragooned to act as a club carrier to winners at the Saturday night dinner, and I carried a lot. There were a lot of great prizes, I must say, and it was fun meeting the various golfers. Bob, Charley Coppola (In the Clubhouse columnist) and I played both days, and picked on each other unmercifully the whole time.

Now I'm at the computer in Sonora's public library, trying to catch up. Perhaps I'll be able to play another course or two while I'm out here. That would be nice, I must say.

As for weather? It was 85 in Mpls the day I left, it snowed in N. Dakota and Montana; was in the 50s in Washington, and today it's about 65. So it varies.