Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Remains of Bell's Palsy
In April, 2005, I was beset by an attack of Bell's Palsy. Three years later, I'm still smiling the same crooked smile you'll see at the above link, albeit not quite as much.
If I get tired, my eyelid on the left side droops and I've developed a habit of cradling that side of my face in my left hand.
However, it is a lot better. Part of it may be from my eating papaya, believe it or not. It seems that fruit has a substance in it, papain, that tenderizes meat and may regenerate nerve cells. So, since my droop is caused by damaged nerve cells, papaya may be helping. It doesn't hurt, and the papaya juice is very tasty.
As for my golf yesterday, it rained, I played to match, and scored much worse than last week.
Perhaps next week things will ease up, moisturewise. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soddenly this summer

Today is the third Tuesday I've hit the links at Emerald Greens. The first was a little cold (we've had four days over 70 this year, when normal has 16 days by mid-May), the second was total rain from start to finish, and today promises to be wet as well.
The Postal Service league I'm in doesn't let a little thing like rain (or sleet, or dark of night) stay them from their appointed round. Lightning, maybe.
So last week I bundled up in my yellow and black rain jacket, hoisted my red and white umbrella, and away I went. I probably looked like a lanky bumblebee huddling under a psychedelic mushroom, but I stayed somewhat dry.
It was, "Put the umbrella down, hit the ball, pick the umbrella up." For some it was in a driving rain, in others a steady drizzle.
I was surprised to cut my stroke total down by 9 from the first week in the league. New course, new 9, rainy day, but the putts began to drop, and my countenance, at least, became sunny.
I have added a set of rain pants to my attire. I bought these at a local workman's supply house named Kaplan's, along with a pair of $11.99 Dickies jeans. Or should I call them denim trousers? I know denim is a derivative of serge de Nîmes (coarse cloth made in Nimes, France).
At any rate, I am ready for the fall (of rain). If it stopped, I would be very pleased.