Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Chrome Headlight

To protect the newly decataracted eye on my Bell's Palsy side, they put in a chrome eyepatch. I only have to wear it at night for a week, while avoiding lifting anything over 10 pounds. I also can't bend so my head is below my waist, sneeze or cough too hard, sleep on that side, etc., etc.

Although I have a slight inflammation, my eyesight on that eye the day following the surgery was 20/70. That compares to my right eye, which is 20/20. It also compares to very poor vision before the surgery.

For instance, I could barely make out the E on the eyechart before the surgery. Today I could read down as far as the 4th line.

When the inflammation disappears, my vision might be as good as 20/20 in both, although I'll have to read with glasses, Before, I only wore glasses to drive.

Since I want to travel, I suppose I'll need my eyesight.

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