Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progressive RV Show at Minneapolis Convention Center
Another show attended, another $20 + $9 parking + $6.50 for one beer gone. I am interested in taking a look at the Airstream, and that's why I attended with mom. I pushed her around in a wheelchair until we found the Airstreams, and then she clambered in and out of ones from 19. to 30, from $30K ti $90.

There were a lot of people kicking tires, but only one company selling A/S. After one tour through the perimeter of the show, we called it a day. I wouldn't have bought a beer, but I had to break a bill to be able to pay the parking. The Summit was good, though.

I didn't see anything really new, although one trailer had a sort of Art Deco feel, with rounded corners. Nothing special for golfers, that's sure.

I selected A/S after owning two Prowlers. After only a few years, they started coming apart at the seams. Those sharp edges stripped the screws right out, and the paint jobs got very dull. After 20 years, they were worth almost nothing. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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