Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Remains of Bell's Palsy
In April, 2005, I was beset by an attack of Bell's Palsy. Three years later, I'm still smiling the same crooked smile you'll see at the above link, albeit not quite as much.
If I get tired, my eyelid on the left side droops and I've developed a habit of cradling that side of my face in my left hand.
However, it is a lot better. Part of it may be from my eating papaya, believe it or not. It seems that fruit has a substance in it, papain, that tenderizes meat and may regenerate nerve cells. So, since my droop is caused by damaged nerve cells, papaya may be helping. It doesn't hurt, and the papaya juice is very tasty.
As for my golf yesterday, it rained, I played to match, and scored much worse than last week.
Perhaps next week things will ease up, moisturewise. Stay tuned.

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