Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soddenly this summer

Today is the third Tuesday I've hit the links at Emerald Greens. The first was a little cold (we've had four days over 70 this year, when normal has 16 days by mid-May), the second was total rain from start to finish, and today promises to be wet as well.
The Postal Service league I'm in doesn't let a little thing like rain (or sleet, or dark of night) stay them from their appointed round. Lightning, maybe.
So last week I bundled up in my yellow and black rain jacket, hoisted my red and white umbrella, and away I went. I probably looked like a lanky bumblebee huddling under a psychedelic mushroom, but I stayed somewhat dry.
It was, "Put the umbrella down, hit the ball, pick the umbrella up." For some it was in a driving rain, in others a steady drizzle.
I was surprised to cut my stroke total down by 9 from the first week in the league. New course, new 9, rainy day, but the putts began to drop, and my countenance, at least, became sunny.
I have added a set of rain pants to my attire. I bought these at a local workman's supply house named Kaplan's, along with a pair of $11.99 Dickies jeans. Or should I call them denim trousers? I know denim is a derivative of serge de Nîmes (coarse cloth made in Nimes, France).
At any rate, I am ready for the fall (of rain). If it stopped, I would be very pleased.

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