Thursday, April 17, 2008

Committed to Golf

Starting Apr. 29, every Tuesday afternoon at 4:58, I'll be teeing off at Emerald Greens golf course near Hastings, Minn. Yep, I've joined a golf league with some of my friends at the USPS office in Eagan, Minn.
I'll be interested to see how well my shoulders and knees hold up. For years I've been a volleyball fanatic, but have had to cut that off now, since both sets of joints are showing the wear and tear. My shoulders wake me up at night aching, while my knees only act up when I try to climb stairs or get up off the ground or a low chair.
Meanwhile, I'm on a mission to decide what sort of retirement equipage to invest in. It's always been my dream to travel, either in a trailer or motorhome, but now the recent run-up in the price of gasoline threatens it.
I've lived frugally for years, but my house is paid for, my Honda, etc. I owe very little on my credit card, and plan to take care of that shortly. I keep the house and just get a little trailer to tool around in? Sell the house and buy a smaller place or a summer trailer, then travel in winter?
Buy a VW camper?
I think I'll go golf.

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