Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Superman golf shorts

Since I´ve been in this golf league, I´ve wanted to wear shorts a few times. However, I leave a "business attire only" job as a tech writer for the Postal Service at 4pm, and tee off a few miles away at 4:40. That doesn´t leave a lot of time to change from slacks to shorts, and if the men´s room stalls (or phone booths) are occupied....
So, when I saw a pair of slacks for under $15 that can unzip the pantlegs to result in shorts, I snapped one up. Very nice. They easily zipped off, so I could pull the remnants over my shoes while I waited at a stoplight. And this morning, when I fumbled bleary-eyed to zip them back together for work, they went without a hitch. I recommend them.
My Supergolfer shorts. Now if they could only improve my game.

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