Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything but...
I have the shoes, big sneakers I used to wear for volleyball, but which work fine for golf.
I have the Superman golf pants (see below) I wear for work, with legs I unzip when I need to rush to get to my tee time. (No telephone booth required.)
I have the golf shirt, portraying golfers and galleries on a collared green-tinged t-shirt material.
I have the golf hat, today the red one with Barcelona imprinted on it, but often the khaki one that has Golf Today, in honor of the magazine I write for.
I have the dark golf glasses, able to spot my ball in any rough...not.
I boast golf attitude, the knowledge that on a good day I can hit the ball long and straight.

The only thing I lack is golf aptitude. Like so many people today, I have the attitude, but not the aptitude. But I'll keep trying.

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