Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another inch of snow in Minneapolis

At times this January 2006, it appeared we golf fanatics might get out earlier than usual. Then again, the weather always leaves you guessing, doesn't it? They will have the Golf Show later this month, in the Metrodome. That will start the wannago juices flowing, you betcha. Long drive contests, putting, all the different should be fun.
Last night, one of my hardcharging volleyball teammates bullrushed into me and we cracked heads (on my titanium-enriched side, of course) hard enough to knock him out for a second or two. I shook it off and kept playing for another hour and a half, and danged if I didn't get hit in the head with a hard-driven spiked ball. After I had to duck when a third zipped by, I told my pal I felt like I had a target on my forehead.
I haven't noticed any ill-effects from our meeting of minds, aside from a very minimal soreness. Certainly no bruising, seizures or anything. But I thought I'd mention it to my doctor.
My friend who had a similar skull operation said his doctor told him if he ever had a fracture, it would not be where they had screwed him back together. So, I assume the same goes true for me.
At any rate, one does tend to get paranoid about such events. I keep getting this image of the doctors putting pointed screws in my skull, or nuts and bolts. I know whatever the surgeon used is an approved medical device, but my imagination keeps adding ruffles and flourishes.

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