Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Golf Today
The weather forecaster is predicting 2-4 inches today. For a January, we're staying warm. In Minnesota, warm is above zero this month. But you'll notice folks peering out the window at the sky. They're putting the last touches on next month's golf show here. So the saps are beginning to flow.
The big news is the new coach of the Vikings. The new ownership had to show they were in charge, so they got rid of Mike Tice. Regardless his coaching abilities--and I don't think they were that bad--he is a colorful character. He'll end up as an NFLnouncer before too long.
On other Vikings fronts, they hired a big-time PR agency to ram a stadium down people's throats. But don't talk about a referendum; heavens, no, they're pulling the Jack Abramoff ploy, trying to elbow up to the public trough without the public being consulted. Should the deal go through, it would cost an affected family of four in the neighborhood of $250 a year for increased sales tax; and that's a pretty exclusive neighborhood.
The U.S., though, can claim to be #1 in other fields: now it's torture.
As for the attack on Pakistan (a friendly nation, btw), explain the difference between attacking office towers full of defenseless people and houses full of women and children? By that reasoning, if Osama were invited to a state dinner at the White House, we would be justified in destroying it to get him.
Doing bad things for good causes leads to doing bad things for bad causes.

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