Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Mild Bunch

"Sherf, sherf, they's a gang that's just wheeled into town. They've taken over the old Haynes buildin'!"

"Now, calm down, Charley. Whatta they look like?"

"The women is all in these pink pantsuits, sherff, and their hair

"And whatta the men look like, Charley?"

"Well, sherf, they's all got them Sansabelt slacks, them as ain't wearin' Bermuda shorts. I tell you, sherf, the sight of all them varicose veins...."

"Have a sip of water, Charley. What were they ridin'?"

"A few of them was on those little three-wheeled electric carts, sherf. Most of 'em was in those big chromed wheel chairs."

"I guess we're gonna have to call in the National Guard, Charley. That there's the Mild Bunch."


Many of us own houses. As we get older, the nest gets emptier (although with the economy the way it is, the nest may become refilled pretty quickly). Yard work, repairs, property taxes, etc., start to grate on us.

So we start thinking about cashing in our big nest and downsizing, getting something smaller. (Hey, maybe that'll discourage the kids from moving back in.) If we buy another house in a town that has amenities (restaurants, theaters, galleries and museums, etc.), that will take a chunk out of what we gained by selling our big house.

Condos? Do you want to pay $150 and up every month for association fees--and often not be able to control them.

Mobile homes are fun, what with low upkeep (at least in arid climates), but you don't get that much for your money, and every month you pay space rent.

Maybe what we need to do is band together with like-minded folks and find an inexpensive apartment building in a smaller town--and buy it. Hire a manager/handyman, chip in a little extra every month for upkeep and taxes, and cooperate with each other.

I think I'll look up Cooperative living on Google.

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