Thursday, June 30, 2005

Golf Lab's Free E-Mail Newsletter

As keeper of the flame for I get regular reports on the popularity of our writers and the articles we publish. Near the top almost every month is Leith Anderson's look at equipment, Equipment Chronicles.

He explores the ways to fine tune what you're already using, to squeeze out that last bit of control, to push the ball out that much farther. If you want to get shafted, Leigh's the guy to do it. (He's always examining the various shaft/head combinations in depth.)

Now he's introducing a new idea, a free e-mail newsletter for members. The first issue has an invitation to come out and play 9 holes with Leith at Palo Alto (Calif.) Muni, free stuff, and much more.

Contact Information
phone: (650) 493-1770

I wish the Bay Area weren't so far away from where I am at present, or I'd take him up on it. The bad thing about this eye is, I can't drive for far without becoming exhausted. Perhaps it's trying to clear up the double vision, but I get tired easily.

So the thought of driving 2,000 miles is insurmountable. Soon, though. Real soon now. (I hope.)

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