Monday, July 25, 2016

Goodbye, Charlie

Mom had her 97th birthday party at the Hibachi Chinese buffet in Minneapolis, and the staff made a beautiful picture of flowers in a vase, utilizing cake, ice cream, chocolate for flower stems, and Mandarin orange slices to create posies. Mom devoured it with delight.
Four days later, she developed thrombosis in her left leg, and started the downward spiral via hospital and nursing home that ended with her peaceful death three months after.
She had a great life, though, and lived it to the hilt. Charlie kept her sense of humor up until the last breath, zinging me even in the nursing home. (I dropped the spoon I was feeding her with into the bowl with a clatter, and said "Well, that was stupid." She looked at me and said winningly, "Does that surprise you?") The impassive lady who shared the table with her, mute for weeks, erupted in a startled laugh.
Even though Mom only lived with me for five years, she made many friends in Minnesota and is missed.
But now it's time to take a deep breath, shake off any lingering sadness, and move on. She was always positive, and I will copy that page from her extensive book of hours.

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