Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two New California Venues
On the Crease: Pheasant Run G.C.
Highway 99 through the heart of California makes a person think of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. It's hot and dusty, with mile after mile of asphalt running through flat farmland.
On every road atlas I've seen, the little municipality of Chowchilla is right on the crease, that dividing line where California is split in half, northern on one page, southern on another. As a result, pre-GPS, it was easy to miss it. Now, however, it has begun to prosper.
Pheasant Run is next door to The Lakes RV and Golf Resort, as well as The Lakes Real Estate project. The RV segment offers two free rounds of golf with a night's lodging: So for $45 or so, you garner $120 worth of golf during the week.
More on this later.
Trinitas hasn't opened to the public yet, but when it does, it's going to be a winner. At the moment, it's in a holding pattern while it clears the various hurdles its county commissioners have set. More on this soon.

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