Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Madness

It's early March, 2008, and Minneapolis just got hit with a spring snowstorm. These are bad because folks let their guards down, and then things happen.
In my case, I'm driving a rental car while my Honda body is repaired after I hit a wall to end a slide on a patch of ice. So this morning, I put the recycles in back of my house and walked around to the rental parked in front.
Just enough snow covered a patch of ice next to the house to make it like greased lightning. My feet went out from under me and I crashed down on my back. I was lucky: I don't think I broke anything, and I didn't hit my head, or if I did my heavy winter stocking cap took the brunt. I did hit my right elbow. It is swelling and I can't lift a cup of tea to my lips.
One of the other gents at work also fell on ice, spraining his knee. And a sister-in-law of another fellow badly sprained her ankle in a fall on ice.
I think I just want my ice in cubes from now on.

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