Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prowling for Golf
I've been prowling the 'net today, trying to see what makes a blog and/or website attractive. One of the changes I've made is to the list of blogs I have on the right side, from "Links" to "RV and Golf Links". I've added two of my favorite blogs to it, and changed it so that, if you click on one of them, you'll see the linked page in a new window. Whhops, strike that. The new Blogger layout doesn't allow me to add a blank page; at least, I haven't found out how to do so.
Tell me how you like the new layout, now that only one article appears per day.
It appears that video is becoming more popular, so I'll try to add some of that in the future as well. I'll start with short ones from an old Sony digital camera, then work my way up. I have ideas on this.
Now I need to figure out how to add people to an email list, so I can send them an update when I change the website. Won't that be exciting? Leave a comment for me, if you'd like to be on the list. I won't be selling anything, don't worry.

1 comment:

Artful Golfer said...

Feel free to add my blog to your list. I'm also an RV golfer - Winnebago View.