Friday, October 12, 2007

50ish Weather for Golf in Minnesota

The layered look is in for golf in the great northwest at this time of year. In fact, anytime after Labor Day, you'd best be prepared for the cold.
My friends and I are going out today to Inver Wood, a course in Inver Grove Heights, Minn., and I hope I've got enough layers: about four layers, plus gloves. Only wore one pair of socks, though, white cotton ones, and that may not be enough.
It's the wind that gets to you. Every zephyr of air lowers your body temperature, that dreaded "windchill factor". It has no effect on anything but flesh and blood: an auto engine doesn't get colder when the wind blows, but your fingers and ears sure do. That's why I've got both a cap with earflaps and a hooded sweatshirt: I blame a cold wind blowing into my left ear one April outing for my Bell's Palsy.
Inver Wood is supposed to be a pretty tough course, so I'll let you know what happens when we're through.

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