Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Trifecta

This Memorial Day weekend shone bright and clear, for the most part. But Saturday morning, first day of it, I woke up with a third ache in this old body.

Now, for years I've been an ardent volleyball player, going up against men and women half (now a third) my age.

For years, I've had problems with my right shoulder.

Last October, though, while running across the gym floor, I heard a loud pop and a tearing pain in my left knee area and I collapsed in a tumble of arms and legs.

X-rays and a doctor's visit later, I had been diagnosed with a bursa sac bursting. Now, six months later, I'm still limping (perhaps from still playing volleyball), so I may go in for a look at the soft tissue.

Then, Saturday morning, I added a third ache to this tired machine: my back was stiff and sore. It was from carrying my golf bag in and twisting to get it through the door. Hey, what can I say? I originally hurt it helping lift a stove into a pickup a few years ago, and it goes out occasionally for a few days.

I need to swing a golf club a few times, just to see how that affects all three segments.

  • I'm doing exercises for the shoulder.

  • I can wear a brace on my knee.

  • Time will take care of my back.

The doctor told me that after 50 years, the warranty runs out. I guess my equipment was made better.

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