Thursday, May 25, 2006

Best Three Out of Four

Now, this weekend is the kind I like: golf three out of the four days (OK, Monday isn't the weekend; so sue me).
Friday May 19, 2006, my pal and I played Voyager Village near Spooner, Wis.
Saturday we played Siren National, Siren Wis.
Monday I was at the Minnesota Golf Opener at Braemar G.C. in upscale Edina, Minn.
The full articles will run next month in Golf Today.
I don't have an RV yet, so can't look at the weekend from that aspect. Instead, Doug and I stayed at his "cabin" (actually a lake home two hours northeast of the TC), watched hummingbirds flash up to the feeder (the storekeeper advised they don't like red koolaid, only sugar water tinted with red food coloring), listened to loons, ate steak and drank beer. Doug paddled his kayak around the lake while I sat and listened to the quiet.
More later.

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