Monday, April 17, 2006

I was bled twice April 15!
Once was when I went in to have a blood test as part of my annual physical at the VA. The second was when I finished my taxes at and realized what I was going to have to pay in income taxes.
It's ironic. When I got hit with Bell's Palsy a year ago last April, I was afraid I would go bankrupt. Instead, I made enough doing tech writing that I have to pay a hefty chunk to Uncle Sugar. As a writer, I can find little jobs that need done. If I were a factory worker, it would be much harder.
Of course, I do technical subjects. I just finished two books on Voice over IP, one of 450 pages, the other of 950. I didn't write them, per se, simply edited, copyread, did the layouts, and output them using Framemaker.

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