Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Daydream RVer

and a Homecoming Queen. (I can't help it, I love puns. The highest form of low humor. Full wit, as opposed to the half that has become regular fare on the tube.)
I daydream about traveling all the time, visiting George and the crew at least once every day as he bumps around three countries in Ms Tioga, his motorhome. He was in Canada a year ago, now he's in Baja. Some of his income is generated via Google, some from donations. I donated because I read it so often, it was like a subscription. I fund his trip, and fuel my fantasy of doing something similar.
At the moment, I'm enmeshed in working on my house, tearing up carpets, and trying to make it appear as if someone civilized lives here. I found an old oak library carrel that I've used as a workbench, but now I want to use it as a desk. Actually someone else had mistreated it before I discovered it, and it has spilled paint in the center and several bolt holes where vises were screwed on. Plus there are a lot of gaps in the wood veneer top. Work to do.
Next day: the Bell's Palsy continues to recede, after 11 months. I had my eyelid cut open today, to allow me to use it normally. Last year, since I couldn't close or blink my left eye, the doctors sewed my lid partially shut to protect the retina. A month ago they cut it about halfway; today they finished the job.
I wasn't aware that it had closed partially after the first operation, when the raw edges healed together. So this time, I have to be careful to wash in the corners with a q-tip often. And apply ointment three or four times a day that will act as a grease, preventing the closing again.
It's nice to have peripheral vision, however.

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