Thursday, August 25, 2005

On Hold Forever!

After I spent so much time in hospital beds for this Ramsay Hunt syndrome, my lady friend thought I needed some exercise. After all, she felt, perhaps the flow of blood would renovate my facial nerves and I'd get my normal face back. (Well, she liked it.)
At any rate, she talked me into buying the $14.95 fitness program from Beachbody's TV infomercial. It took ten seconds to buy it, and the video arrived, fine. But I missed the fine print that said unless I told them, they were going to send me more stuff. So one Saturday I looked at my checkbook and discovered they'd nicked me for $40+. After telephoning, they told me I'd have to call back after I received the package.
Once again, I'm on hold. It's been 16 minutes so far, I've been disconnected once... The thing is, these mail order companies don't do this accidentally. My friend worked at QVC, and their return policy was to stall, enough that 20% of the people would get so disgusted they'd hang up and never try again. I'm one of the 80% that won't give up: I'll put the phone on speaker and sit here, writing this, while I wait. And now it's 19 minutes and...holding.
After playing at Highland National a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd try to discover why a course that's been regular Highland for years suddenly feels they are a National course. I haven't been able to find a reason, but have sent a note to my friendly library to ask them. When I learn what caused the upgrade, I'll put it here.
Oh, I did finally get through to Beachbody--after 22 minutes on hold--and it took the woman two minutes to give me a return number. Funny: It's the same number that was printed on the box. If they'd told me where to look on my first call, I wouldn't have wasted time this second time.
I am going to work out to the video, though. It promises to get me a six-pack. Funny, I could have sworn that was part of the problem in the first place.


Peter Gold said...

The state attorney general's office and probably also the FCC would probably like to hear from you about this gouger.

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