Saturday, July 09, 2005

INC = Incompetent

In Minnesota politics, after the state government ground to a halt while R's tried to stall so the D's would look bad, and D's walked out at the last minute to play hardball, they're all losers.
At least, that's the feeling from most citizens of the state. On television, one voter said, "If they have an INC after their name on the ballot, I won't vote for them."
This may be the first election in years where being the incumbent works against you. Minnesotans are angry, and it just remains to see whether they'll be unforgiving.
Our governor had promised the Indian tribes that are heavily into gaming that he wouldn't tax them. Then, in the age-old tactic of "Divide and Conquer", he tried to enlist the impoverished tribes in the state's Northern, less-populated regions, to come together to make a racetrack near Minneapolis over into a taxpaying "Racino."
Gambling is growing so fast it's replacing Social Security as the way to ensure a comfortable future after 65. Oh, I'm sorry: that's the stock market, isn't it?
It's lucky the state legislature decided to get back to work. Those 9,000 folks sitting, twiddling their thumbs, were about to gain the advantage of a contract that said, after two weeks of shutdown, they would get a check for all their stored vacation and sick leave.
That would have run into tens of millions of dollars, and have made the taxpayers even more irate.
As it is: Throw the rascals out.

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